Offline Professional Video Editing Course

Learn the Basic to Advanced Level Video Editing skills to Edit Professional videos.

Professional video editing course by Roaring Film School, Shrikant Gondhali


Course Language

Hinglish (English instructions Hindi explanation)

Course Duration

60 Days Training
30 Days Internship at Roaring India Project

Class Time

2 Hours Class (11 AM to 1 PM) and 3 Hours Practice Workshop (1:15 PM to 4:15 PM)

Course Fees

85,000/RS + GST

Course Mentor

Shrikant Gondhali

Software Taught

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects (Basic)

Eligibility to Join the Course

  • Age Limit: 12 to 45 Years
  • Basic English knowledge 
  • Basic computer operating skills
  • Must bring own laptop for practice

course syllabus

What you will Learn in this Course

Section 1 - Basics of Video Editing

In this section, you will learn about the basics of video editing. Learn the basics of video editing, what is the frame rate, what is resolution, what is aspect ratio? Etc

Section 2 - Video Editing Equipment

In this section, you will learn about the system and equipment required for video editing. Which laptop or computer should you use for video editing, Which editing software should you use? and many more.

Section 3 - Video Editing From A to Z

In this section, you will learn video editing practically in adobe premiere pro software.

Section 4 - Video Effects

In this section you will learn about the most commonly used video effects in video editing.

Section 5 - Color Correction & Color Grading

In this section you will learn how to do Color Correction & Color Grading for videos.

Section 6 - Audio Editing - Sound Design

In this section, you will learn about Audio Editing and Sound Design. Importance of sound design in professional video editing.

Section 7 - Creative Video Editing

In this section you will learn about Creative Video Editing.

Section 8 - My Editing Workflow

In this section, you will learn about my exact video editing workflow 

Section 9 - Video Editing Business

In this section you will learn how to make money from video editing.

Software Taught in this Course

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Bonus With Course


Mentor : Shrikant Gondhali

mentor shrikant india roaring film school

                  Shrikant Gondhali is a young Entrepreneur who is currently working as a CTO of Roaring Creations Private Limited, India. He has strong command and experience in Video Editing, Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Ads, Video Production, Video Editing, Photography and Graphic Design. Now he is working for his own company and startups. To know more about Shrikant Gondhali, Follow him on social medias.

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